3 Steps to Get “Home Seller Ready” in the Cleveland Ohio Area

Selling your home is a big decision and one that can bring about dozens of feelings for Cleveland area residents. It takes more than just staging your home with flowers and furniture arranging— you have to get in the home seller’s mindset. What does that mean exactly? It means you start to think more like a potential homebuyer and less like someone who is attached to the Medina or Cuyahoga County property. Here are three important steps you need to take in order to be prepared to sell your home in Ohio this year:

Think like a buyer
This can be difficult to do as a homeowner, but it’s the first step in the home seller prep process. A homebuyer will see the home differently than you do, so it’s important to step outside of yourself and take on a fresh perspective. Start with your home’s online listing which is where a majority of homebuyers start their home search. You might not notice how cramped the room looks until you see it through a computer screen.

Your real estate agent at BOLD Real Estate Consultants is another important person who can help you take on a buyer’s perspective. We know what potential buyers will see and how they will react— let us help you!

Don’t take it personally
When you’ve lived in a certain home in Medina, Strongsville, Brunswick, Hinckley or Valley City, you will acquire certain feelings and memories. It can be a challenge not to take constructive home criticism personally. But in order for a homebuyer to visualize themselves in your home, you need to offer them a clean slate. Remove your personality and style from the property when they visit— while you may love how it looks, a homebuyer has different tastes. Remember, you can bring your style to your next home!

Don’t just jump into listing
As a homeowner, preparing your home for sale is key to its sales success. BOLD Real Estate Consultants will help get your home in front of the right buyers, but your part is just as important. Don’t simply list your home and hope all goes well— when your home is in the best possible condition, you will be truly ready to sell.

As your local real estate experts, we are happy to help guide you in the home sale process! Contact us today with any questions you might have.

Sajag Patel
BOLD Real Estate Consultants

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