Hosting for the Holidays? Avoid These Common Brunswick, Medina Ohio Problems

It’s that time of year again! We’re getting closer to the holidays and Ohio homeowners have started to organize their plans for hosting friends and family. If you’ve just purchased a new home in the Cleveland area, the holidays are a great time to show it off! However, with hosting guests at your Medina or Cuyahoga County home comes the potential for a dozen problems to pop up.

From the oven going out to the refrigerator refusing to cool, these homeowner headaches can put a damper on your party. Be sure to take preventative measures now to ensure that when your guests arrive, you can focus on your beautiful Ohio home and not a holiday disaster.

Problem: The Oven Stops Working
As the holidays in your Medina, Strongsville, Brunswick, Hinckley, Valley City, Columbia Station, or North Royalton home tend to focus around food, the oven is an important element in the scheme of things. One common cause for the oven to go out is the self-cleaning process. Don’t self-clean your oven until after the holidays— you could blow a fuse or the thermostat. Not to mention, trying to find a repair technician during the busy season can be a hassle in itself.

Problem: The Refrigerator Won’t Cool
Another crucial element in hosting your holiday guests is the refrigerator. Should this appliance shut down, this homeowner headache can jump to the top of your list. To be proactive, install a thermometer inside to keep an eye on the temperature at all times. Also make sure the coils on the back or underneath are free for air to circulate. When these are blocked, it can be difficult for the fridge to keep cool.

Problem: The Kitchen Sink is Clogged
According to HouseLogic, the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers— one reason is for clogs in the kitchen sink. Keep yours clear by disposing of fats and oils in another way and never forcing starchy or fibrous things like potato skins down the garbage disposal.

BOLD Real Estate Consultants can help you find a new home just in time for the holidays, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or ready to sell your current property in Medina, Strongsville, Brunswick, Hinckley, Valley City, Columbia Station, or North Royalton and move on. Contact us today!

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