How to Keep Your Cleveland Area Home Energy Costs Low This Winter

When temperatures start to drop, your home energy costs can start to rise. But before the cold weather officially sets in, there are steps you can take to prepare your Medina and Cuyahoga County home and keep costs low. Consider the following tips to keep your Ohio home comfortable and your energy bill manageable this winter.

    • To start off on the right foot, homeowners in the Brunswick, Medina, Hinckley and Valley City area can hire a professional energy rater to evaluate their spaces. This expert will check your home for energy loss, air leaks and safety problems, in addition to creating a report of where the issues lie in the property. With this report, you can choose which repairs to make and which you can afford before winter arrives.
    • You can also conduct an energy audit yourself. Walk around your home, searching for sources of energy loss, missing insulation or places where cold air may be coming in and heat going out.
    • Once you’ve identified the problem areas, add caulk and weatherstripping around drafty doors and window. Seal gaps around chimneys, piping, recessed lights, even the unfinished spaces behind cupboards and closets.
    • Schedule a routine check-up for your heating system and find out what is necessary to maintain its efficiency. Looking into your heating system now can save you quite the headache as we move further into the winter season. As your local real estate experts, BOLD Real Estate Consultants can provide recommendations for Cleveland area experts.
    • When at home, keep your thermostat at the lowest setting that is comfortable for you. When you’re asleep or out of the house, turn back your thermostat 10 or 15 degrees to save as much as 10 percent on your heating bills per year.

BOLD Real Estate Consultants can help with everything from buying and selling a home in Medina, Valley City, Columbia Station, North Royalton, Brunswick, Hinckley or Strongsville to providing recommendations for area experts. Contact us today for more details about this season’s real estate market!

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