New Poll Names Real Estate Best Long-Term Investment

Many homebuyers have sat on the fence, waiting out the local real estate market and wondering when the right time to purchase a new home may be. The question is no longer when to purchase a home—with mortgage rates low, NOW is the time— or even if Cleveland area homebuyers should buy a property in Medina or Cuyahoga County. According to a new Gallup poll, real estate is the best long-term investment!

When compared to other investment options like gold, savings accounts, CDs, bond, stocks and mutual funds, real estate emerged as the winner. Just 3 years ago, Americans named gold as the best investment, but the real estate market has since changed. With improving conditions, low mortgage rates, and rising home prices all across the country, real estate is now your best bet when weighing investment opportunities.

The poll ranked views on real estate as an investment by age, with demographics ranging from the 18-29 category to 30-49 to 50-64 and finally 65+ years of age. All four age groups in the poll named real estate as the best long-term investment and even ranking by income, two out of three also agreed.

So, as a homebuyer in Medina, Strongsville, Brunswick, Hinckley, Valley City, Columbia Station, or North Royalton, why should you invest in real estate this year? Consider the following:

  • Less expensive than renting: Buying a home is 38% less expensive than renting. In fact, rates would need to rise to 10.6% for renting to be cheaper than buying.
  • You know the pros: If you’re reading our blog, you’re one step ahead! BOLD Real Estate Consultants is here to help you find the best investment in the Cleveland OH area based on your wants and needs.
  • Prices will only continue to rise: There will never be a better time to invest than right now! With mortgage rates low and prices continuing to rise, now is the time to find the best deal.

Contact BOLD Real Estate Consultants today for a list of available homes in the communities of Medina, Strongsville, Brunswick, Hinckley, Valley City, Columbia Station, or North Royalton.

Sajag Patel
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